guide to working


■ Basics about Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs)

■ What you can see with the naked eye

■ What you can’t see with your naked eye

■ Non-illnesses

■ Medicine・Exams・Insurance Card

■ If you think a customer might be infected

■ Q&A

■ Ask Doctor Taniguchi! Things to Know about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) When You’re Working in the Sex Industry…

■ Safer Service Tips1-12

■ Safer Service Tips13-22

■ Tip for Transgender Worker

■ Let’s go to the Public Health Center!

■ SWASH Paradise (☆SwaPara) Sexworkers’ Consultation Café

■ Supplemental Information for Improving Health and Safety at Work Mental Health

■ Health and Safety Support Information Settling Your Debts

■ Health and Safety Support Information Livelihood Support


SWASH (Sex Work and Sexual Health)
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